Filing for Social Security Disability in Pennsylvania


To file for Social Security Disability coverage in Pennsylvania, you must meet the federal criteria for having a disability. This can mean one of two things:

  • • You are an adult with a medical condition that is preventing you from doing substantial work activity and this condition has lasted, or is expected to last, a year or more.
  • • You are a child with a physical or mental condition that seriously limits your activities, and your condition has lasted, or is expected to last, more than a year.

If you meet either of these criteria, you may be eligible for either Social Security Disability (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) coverage.


In order to successfully apply for Social Security Disability in PA, you need to understand each program. To file for SSDI, you must have paid into Social Security in the past; qualification is based on a credit system that measures how much and how recently you have paid Social Security Taxes. SSDI can be claimed by a disabled worker, their disabled widow or their disabled adult child.

If you have not worked recently or at all, you may have to file for Social Security Disability benefits under the SSI program. To qualify for SSI, you must meet the criteria for disability and be able to show you have little or no income or resources.

First Steps

You are not required to have a lawyer to file for Social Security Disability in Pennsylvania. However, the application process is complex and many people are rejected the first time they apply. It is helpful to work with a knowledgeable Disability lawyer who has the experience to fight for your best results.

What If My Claim Is Rejected?

More than 70% of the 145,000 Disability claims filed in Pennsylvania each year are rejected. If your claim has been denied, call the experienced Disability lawyers at Perry & Baumbach, P.C. We will review your case, and will begin the appeal process with the proper medical and legal evidence that may greatly increase your chances of success.

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